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Are you on the lookout for high-quality industrial gas detectors, such as a portable gas detector device? Or are you in need of a fitting gas detector for your company, but are you not sure that is the right solution for your work environment? The professionals over at WatchGas are eager to help you out. We offer fitting solutions for all your gas detection challenges. Furthermore, we are building an evergrowing network of local distributors all around the world. With our master distributor – 7Solutions in Gas Detection – we serve the Benelux, the DACH-region and Poland. Moreover, we have regional sales managers in Scandinavia, Abu Dhabi and Peru. Would you like to become a distributor? Read on to learn more about our industrial gas detectors and find the gas detector device that fits your needs.

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We support all our equipment with calibration gases, training, long-life sensors and fast service so that our worldwide customer base receives the highest protection and user-friendly equipment possible from our gas detectors.

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